Homeland Bank’s Online Security Commitment  

Homeland always keeps online security a top priority. We are committed to providing safe and secure access to your accounts through Bank Online and have taken all of the precautions necessary to ensure the highest level of protection. You can rest assured that access to your account(s) and your account information is private, secure and confidential.

Secure Log In from the Homeland Home Page the moment you click the “Log In” button for online banking, a secure connection of 256 bit encryption is established, keeping your information secure and ensuring that no one else can read it. Once this connection is established your access number and password are encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Secure Socket Layer encryption protects information sent over the Internet by scrambling the information into a secret code, keeping your information secure and ensuring that no one else can read it.

Ensure That Your Session Is Secure

Once you have logged in, you can determine that encryption is being used and that you are connected to a secure server by looking for two things: A small key or padlock in the status bar on the bottom of your browser indicates that your session is secure and encrypted. A locked padlock, or a key, indicates a secure connection and an unlocked padlock, or a broken key, indicates an unsecured connection.

Another way to verify that your session is secure is to look for https:// in the URL rather than the normal
http://. The “s” following http indicates that the session is secure.

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