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Personal Loans

In this day and age there are many things in life to enjoy. The people at Homeland Bank are here to make these opportunities more affordable for you. We have professionals to take care of all your needs promptly. Our competitive interest rates and terms will make your life easier and free from worry.     

At Homeland Bank our consumer loan specialists are friendly and eager to help you with that new car, boat or any other financial needs you may have. Our service is prompt and efficient. Visit your local Homeland Bank office to complete an application.

Our rates are attractive and our terms are flexible on:

  • Personal Loans
  • Autos
  • Boats
  • Camper/RV
  • Vacation
  • Home Improvement


Columbia - 318.649.6124
Ronnie Darden Photo

Ronnie Darden

NMLS# 800293

Robert Frazier Photo

Robert Frazier

Executive Vice President
NMLS# 800290

Dennis Ledbetter Photo

Dennis Ledbetter

Vice President
NMLS# 800291

Richard Meredith Photo

Richard Meredith

Vice President
NMLS# 800296

Trina Parker Photo

Trina Parker

Vice President
NMLS# 929501

Jena - 318.992.0405
John McIlwain Photo

John McIlwain

Vice-President, Manager
NMLS# 800294

Monroe - 318.570.6700
Paul Hutcheson Photo

Paul Hutcheson

Market President
NMLS# 685801

Lee Michael Estes Photo

Lee Michael Estes

Branch Manager
NMLS# 1589947

West Monroe - 318.460.3990
Heath Heisler Photo

Heath Heisler

Assistant Vice President, Branch Manager
NMLS# 1013478

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