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Online Banking

Take the bank with you wherever you go anywhere in the world!  Our secure service is available 24/7, anywhere with internet access!  Online banking allows you to manage your money QUICK, SIMPLE, and SECURE.  View and manage all your Homeland Bank accounts 24/7.

  • View account balances in real time*
  • Setup account balance alerts via e-mail or SMS text message
  • Transfer funds (one time or recurring)
  • Setup external transfers to access money at other Financial Institutions
  • Make loan payments
  • Online Bill Pay
  • View front and back of checks and deposit slips
  • Access account history for up to 12 months
  • Download a transactional history file for a financial software program such as Excel, CSV, QuickBooks, and Quicken
  • Update contact information
  • Submit stop payment request
  • Enroll for eStatements and enjoy the convenience of going paperless

*Unprocessed debit card transactions may not be reflected in your balance.  You may have additional purchases, transactions, or issued checks that are not reflected in your balance.


  • Easily transfer fund online between Homeland Bank accounts
    Creating transfers within online banking is simple and easy.  You simply choose the account you would like to transfer to and from via the dropdown boxes provided on the screen.  All eligible accounts will be shown in the dropdown box.  Once accounts are chosen, you simply key in the dollar amount you would like to transfer, select the date you would like the transfer to process, and hit continue.
  • You can also transfer fund to and from external accounts (accounts outside of Homeland Bank)
    With external transfers, you can easily and securely transfer funds between your Homeland Bank account(s) and your bank account(s) with other financial institutions within the United States.
  • Setting up recurring or future-dated transfers
    Recuring transfers can be easily made in regular intervals such as once a week, once a month, bi-weekly, etc.  There are limitations to the types of accounts available for recurring or future-dated transfers.
  • Deleting same-day transfers
    Same-day transfers are immediately reflected in your available balance; therefore, you are unable to cancel a same-day transfer.  If an amount is entered incorrectly, or you no longer wish you transfer those funds, you will need to enter another transfer for the same amount in the opposite direction and or contact the bank. 
  • Transfer Fee
    All incoming and or outgoing transfers are free.


Eliminate organizing and storing bank statements while keeping them accessible.  With eStatements you can receive your statements electronically each month.  eStatements look exactly the same, you just receive them sooner than traditional mailed statements and eliminating the risk of them being lost or stolen.  

**eStatements cannot be viewed via Mobile Banking**

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