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In today's competitive market there are more challenges than ever. You need a bank that is responsive and sensitive to your business needs. Our commercial loan officers at Homeland Bank have the knowledge and expertise that will give you that advantage.

We can help with a line of credit for inventory or operating expenses. We finance equipment purchases with flexible terms built around your business needs and when needed provide a Letter of Credit.

Homeland Bank is an eligible lender for BA loans to qualified borrowers. In today's world, the individual Farmer faces many challenges such as production costs, weather, and changing market prices.

Homeland Bank is an eligible lender for FSA 90/10 guaranteed loans for crop loans or other farm related loans.

Visit or call your local Homeland Bank office to get started today!

Columbia - 318.649.6124
Ronnie Darden Photo

Ronnie Darden

NMLS# 800293

Robert Frazier Photo

Robert Frazier

Executive Vice President
NMLS# 800290

Dennis Ledbetter Photo

Dennis Ledbetter

Vice President
NMLS# 800291

Richard Meredith Photo

Richard Meredith

Vice President
NMLS# 800296

Trina Parker Photo

Trina Parker

Vice President
NMLS# 929501

Jena - 318.992.0405
John McIlwain Photo

John McIlwain

Vice-President, Manager
NMLS# 800294

Monroe - 318.570.6700
Paul Hutcheson Photo

Paul Hutcheson

Market President
NMLS# 685801

Lee Michael Estes Photo

Lee Michael Estes

Branch Manager
NMLS# 1589947

West Monroe - 318.460.3990
Heath Heisler Photo

Heath Heisler

Assistant Vice President, Branch Manager
NMLS# 1013478

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